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Aren't you READY to be HAPPY, FINANCIALLY SECURE, GIVING BACK, and making a DIFFERENCE in the WORLD and in the LIFE of OTHERS?

I help women just like you re-build your self-esteem and confidence so that you are able to get CLEAR about what you want, CREATE a strategy on how to get there and COMMIT to take action to achieve the RESULTS you desire.


I am committed to helping you use your COURAGE to fulfill all of your desires and make a difference in the lives of others!


My desire is to see you WIN and share your gifts with the World!


People are waiting on you to step up, so they can move into their purpose!  


 Get in touch with me today if you are ready to be EMPOWERED to start living your best life NOW!


Helping Women Lead With

Clarity - Courage - Confidence - Commitment

Empowerment Coach

Pat Gillum

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